Due to problems with the previous web-hosting, the JSoft Consulting domain has been forced to move to new digs.

As you can see, not really classy, but looks can be deceiving.

some links to help get you started
legacy software from JSoft Consulting


new stuff we're working on

Android apps and mobile websites
eScopes system
Aura Analysis software and hardware
free psychic stuff: Daily tarot card, Calculate your biorhythms, Chinese astrology and free ESP testing

Unfortunately, our other Windows software such as Biorhythms, Easy Biorhythms, Agendamax, AgendaMax Plus, Conversions+, Casino Tropez Biorhythms and Titan Poker Biorhythms is just getting to old to maintain properly and will sit on a virtual shelf until further notice when I have enough time to rewrite and release a proper update. Sorry!

I can still be reached by email at shaun@jsoftconsulting.com